Tuesday, an open forum was given about the transports. The topic was approached on three points: the current situation, the ideal and how to reach the ideal situation.

To the current situation, the participants arrived at the conclusion that the people use more transport than they need (transportation of food and products, traveling on short distances when there is need in it; overproduction which causes add transport usage). The people are also depend on private transport and all that give a poor city infrastructure and high environmental impact during building and using.

Then, the participants broached their ideal: buy local products and share practices, depend on public transports and to make the infrastructures accessible (inclusive) and fully integrated with nature (ecoducts for animals).

Thirdly, they talked about how to reach the ideal situation in optimising our shop distribution, encourage local producers and choose fair trade; promouve sustainable transports like walking, use bikes, public transports; optimize infrastructure and provide environmental assessment; implement taxes on conventional vehicles to finance eco models of transport and environmental projects.

At the end, the participants gave ideas that the government should do. They spoke about support and encourage local production, provide and finance safe building of transport infrastructure for bicycles and other transport and support private companies which are doing it by special prevelegies. They think also that Fridays for future should create a campaign to promote usage of public transport and other ecological transport.